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Underwater Adventure Soul Dome

We are very happy to present a superb underwater adventure Soul Dome for the kids amongst us…

The Submarine Adventure showing in our 360′ cinema dome is for 3 yrs plus and is fantastic entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together.
Lying on pillows, the cinema space is an inflatable planetarium style theatre with an immersive cinema screen.

We take audiences into an underwater world with an accompanying soundtrack through individual headsets.

Swimming with the dolphins in the Red Sea or exploring the coral reefs with its beautiful wildlife and learning all about their fragile habitats.
Perhaps we’ll have a close encounter – don’t worry we’re quite safe in the submarine!

Who knows what we’ll find down here? Meet the fantastic minke whales who live in the Antarctic and who like to people watch!

As we continue on our journey we’ll discover just how us humans around the world are badly polluting the seas and oceans with our tons of rubbish, and how fishing nets are destroying the homes of our underwater friends.

BUT we learn how we can help to stop the damage to their homes in a few simple steps so that our gentle underwater friends can flourish and continue to support us in return!

So come, Deep Sea Adventurers ONE AND ALL into the amazing 360 degree immersive submarine adventure and enter the deep sea world of our beautiful planet.

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